Top voters April 2022

Hello fellow BWN'ers,

Since it seems that our voting issue have been solved we have decided to introduce the top voter for a partical month. The top 3 top voters can win a coupon which they can spend on our donation store, a coupon have the following value:

  • First place: €10
  • Second place: €7,50
  • Thist place €2,50
Considering this the first time we have decided to take for all time after the last month, which are:
  • First place: skyphqntom won a €10 coupon
  • Second place: Kingishhh won a €7,50 coupon
  • Third place: Ink won a €2,50 coupon
So congratulations! The Winners can contact privatly on our website or on Discord.
So thank everone for voting and keep voting.