Rules & terms update

Hello fellow BWN'ers,

We want to inform you that our terms ( ) and rules ( ) have been updated because of the following:

  • Mojang made an announcement a short while ago regarding NFT’s ( ), as a result of this we added 5.9 and updated 7.5 in our terms. Since I also agree with it and want to protect our content as much as I am able to and to make clear that I make sure that every source where I for exemple download our plugins from are trustworthy.
  • As you might know, Mojang / MIcrosoft have added a report system into 1.19.1
    ( ), for this reason I have added points 10 and 11 into our terms and also I added a reminder into our rules. However this only will affect players with the premium launcher / account. This however does not affect players with alternative launchers like tLauncher.
  • Also I have added rules 1.15, 2.17 and 3,11 about that you have been asked to limit to add or chat anything about political, theological or other topics that might lead into endless discussions. However I am realizing that I also was part of some of these discussions, this was unheard of from my part. Of course you are allowed to have your own opinion, but I believe this chat doesn’t belong to BWN Network since this might be leading to misunderstanding of another or even into toxic behavior. So I am going to ask you timit those chats.
  • Also I have added point 1.10 into our terms, since this was already not allowed but I wanted to make that clear.
  • For the rest I oinly made some tweaks
With this out I want to say I am realizing that there isn’t much activity of late, since this is partly for personal reasons. However because of this I inform you that we are at least going to reset survival, the only thing I am going to say is that the new survival is going to be of a different concept. When Survival is going to be reset I can’t say yet, since this will take some time to set it up.

Finally I want to inform you that there is next Saturday a maintenance planned at 10:00 (CET - )

Greetings and take care,

owner / Game-mode developer / Site-admin / Discord manager BuildingWorld NetWork
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