New website and new IP

We would like to inform you that we have changed our Server IP.
Our New IP is :-
Although the old IP ( will remain useable until further notice. However, we do suggest to save confusion in the future , to use our new IP.

If you are wondering why we have changed our IP is for the following 2 reasons:-

  1. To make the server IP more like our server name.
  2. We are more like an international server rather than a Netherlands only server.

We are also happy to announce that we have a new website / forum:

So this also means that from now on every un-ban request, report other players and suggestions will now take place on our forum.

We decided to move everything here because not everybody in game can use Discord, It also will prevent staff from being hammered via personal messages as this has become a big problem. We will keep our ticket bot until the end of this month to give the @Staff the the time to finish the remaining ticket. After this you must make reports via the website.

The following list below, have also been adjusted:
Our rules page is now:
Our temp / privacy you can read at:
Our Donations store is now:
Our new contact address is now:
You can also access our Discord, Facebook with the following addresses:
Also I did the following changes / updates to the server:
  • Server:
    1. Java version have updated
    2. It is no possible to join with 1.18.2 as well, similar updates are also on the game-modes
  • Survival:
    1. Another stacker plugin
Since we have now a forum so this means that our Discord we still have get some updates as well.

Due our website the is now a sale of 30% on our entire store for about 31 days
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