Minecraft Bedrock

Hello fellow BWN'ers,

I got several request to add Minecraft Bedrock support to the server, I have test this option first on my home computer I found out that it is technical possible however due so plugins that doesn't support it I can not sadly support it yet.

Further I will answer int in the followings questions:

What is Minecraft Bedrock that is just a Block?
Yes that is also a block, but also a Minecraft type or version how you which to call it, There are at least 2 Minecraft types java and Bedrock, Java runs on Windows, Linux and Maxos. While the Bedrock runs on Xbox, Playstation and there is also a Windows 10 and 11.

You said that Bedrock also runs on Windows 10 or 11 and what is the difference?
Yes that is true there is a a Bedrock version on Windows 10 and 11. However the Bedrock version is not compatible with Java, primarly because that there are difference between the two and also both a programed in different program languages. Bedrock is programed in C++ while java is as the name suggest programed in java. Further I can't say exactly what those difference are then this topic goes to long so I suggest to watch

How can you add Bedrock support to the server and why?
There is a plugin that I can add which gives Minecraft support to the server, to primary attract more players to the server.

Why do do going give the Bedrock support to the server?
As I said because some plugins doesn't support it, or having issues with the names.

Are you going to add it in the future?
It MIGHT be added it in the future, at least until that issues have been solved . However at the moment I can not exactly when I am going to add it

I thank you for the time and you a welcome to give comments below or if you have suggest please add it add at: https://www.buildingworldnetwork.com/bugs-and-suggestions/.

Greetings and take care,

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