Discord connection

Hello fellow BWN’ers,

With this I announce that it is now possible it now possible to register with your Discord on our website.


Already register or you want to connect your Discord with our website afterward no problem, you can connect it in your profile whish goes as follows:

  1. Click on your name on the top right of our website
  2. In the menu you click on ‘Account detail’
  3. Then click on ‘connect accounts’ in the menu on the left side in your profile page


Also if some already notice that some nodes on our forum have been linked on some channels in our Discord as well, like ‘announcements’ where the most announcements (as the name suggests) will take place with except some quick or important server may still be announce on our Discord . However due to some limitations tags do sadly not work so this will be added manually if needed.

Please note for the moment we do not have for donators any special features yet, so this will be perhaps added later.


Owner / game-mode developer / Discord manager
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