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  1. makemp1997

    Building World NetWork closing at 24 October

    Hello fellow BWN’ers, It has come to mine and ricktops attention that the server is just not as active as it used to be. At first we were planning to continue with our plans from our latest announcement, However we concluded that is the best to close the server since we do not have the time to...
  2. makemp1997

    Rules & terms update

    Hello fellow BWN'ers, We want to inform you that our terms ( ) and rules ( ) have been updated because of the following: Mojang made an announcement a short while ago regarding NFT’s (...
  3. makemp1997 expires after 26/8/2022

    Hello fellow BWN'ers, With this we going to annouch that our old ip ( ) going to be expired after 26 Augustus 2022, So this means that only can use the following IP: Greetings and take care, makemp1997 Owner, Game-mode developer, Discord...
  4. makemp1997

    Server maintenance & Summer sale

    Hello fellow BWN'ers, With this I will annouch the following: 👉Server maintenance Tomorrow at 10:00 (CET - ) I am going to hold a server wide maintenance where I am planning to do server...
  5. makemp1997

    Minecraft Bedrock

    Hello fellow BWN'ers, I got several request to add Minecraft Bedrock support to the server, I have test this option first on my home computer I found out that it is technical possible however due so plugins that doesn't support it I can not sadly support it yet. Further I will answer int in...
  6. makemp1997

    Top voters May & June 2022

    Hello fellow BWN'ers, I am aware it it bit on the late side, this also bat on an error on my side because though to misreading and forgoting of the prvouis months I want to annoucht the following: The topvoter of the month May 2022 are: skyphqntom won €10 Coupon Kingishhh won €7,50 Coupon...
  7. makemp1997

    Server maintenance Friday

    Hello fellow BWN'ers, With this I want to annouch that I am going to next Friday at 14:00 (CET - )a maintance to make the server 1.19 comptible. Greetings and take care...
  8. makemp1997

    Does any do Survival anymore?

    Hello, Wel yes there still some player survival, but yes mostly theyre are on SkyBlock atm.
  9. makemp1997

    Cat in a computer

  10. makemp1997

    skywars updates

    Hello fellow BWN'ers, First of as some have noticed that SkyWars was in maintenance made, however this was not as intended at least not this long. I can happy announce that SkyWars, is now back on-line, we did the following two updates: Kits have been update by new or some kits have been...
  11. makemp1997

    Top voters April 2022

    Hello fellow BWN'ers, Since it seems that our voting issue have been solved we have decided to introduce the top voter for a partical month. The top 3 top voters can win a coupon which they can spend on our donation store, a coupon have the following...
  12. makemp1997

    Discord connection

    Hello fellow BWN’ers, With this I announce that it is now possible it now possible to register with your Discord on our website. Already register or you want to connect your Discord with our website afterward no problem, you can connect it in your profile whish goes as follows: Click on...
  13. makemp1997

    Current staff members

    Currently our staff members are: Helpers: Sophie Moderator: TK_Neebles Head-moderators: Leasco Owners: makemp1997 (game-mode dev & discord manager) Ricktop (Buildings and staff)
  14. makemp1997

    BWN Voting Sites

    At the moment we have hte following vote sites: ServerPact - PlanetMinecraft - MineCraft List - MineCraft Multiplayer -...
  15. makemp1997

    General network information

    IP: Website / forum: Rules at: Donation store: Found a bug or have any suggestions create a ticket at...
  16. makemp1997


    Welcome to the Minecraft server Building WorldNetwork Here at BWN we strive to bring out the best in your building skills. We have plenty of community projects to take part in or this could just be the place that you can build your dreams no matter what your skill level is. Need some building...
  17. makemp1997

    Happy Easter

    Hello fellow BWN'er, With this together from our staff team we wish you all a happ Easter. Also I have extended our current sale of 30% on our entire donation store at until 30 april. Greetings, makemp1997
  18. makemp1997

    New website and new IP

    We would like to inform you that we have changed our Server IP. Our New IP is :- Although the old IP ( will remain useable until further notice. However, we do suggest to save confusion in the future , to use our new IP. If you are wondering...
  19. makemp1997

    Reports & Appeals Information

    Welcome to our reports & appeals section please take your time to read the following information before making a report or appeal: All reports against players must include evidence especially if it is involving swearing/spamming and hacking. (You can still make a report without evidence...